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 [L6] motopilotMP v1.0 beta.

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|AM| FrAnKKo

Cantidad de envíos : 1254
Edad : 25
Empleo /Ocio : Estudiante
Humor : Exelente!!!
Celular : Motorola SLVR L7
Pais :
Fecha de inscripción : 17/05/2008

MensajeTema: [L6] motopilotMP v1.0 beta.   Jue Jul 10, 2008 8:04 pm

Firmware: R3511_G_0A.52.45R_A
Flex: GSUL6T676MR0B0
DRM: L6_R3511_DRM_DXFactor_DXColors
LP: US English Language pack only
Skin: iPhone_Skin

Airplane Mode.
No low battery sound.
Menu+Menu to lock/unlock. [dynamic prompts enabled, dnp.prf fixed].
Bluetooth timeout set to 5 mins.
Corelets displayed in java list.
Allowed to send various files through bluetooth.
iTAP access for java programs and corelets.
iTAP dictionary increased to 10KB.
MMS size up to 512KB.
Opcode Menu (Menu+048263*) changed to menu+0.
Reboot shortcut instead of PRL Version.
Removed vibration and sound when chnaging ring style.
Retention of photos without the annoying menu.
Save dialed/received calls lists on SIM replace.
No deletion of inbox, outbox, drafts messages on SIM swap.
SMS delivery reports on by default
Play default SMS tone, even if the sender has his own ringtone selected.
USB charging instead of animation. [dynamic prompts enabled, dnp.prf fixed].
Zoom 200% 250% patch. [dynamic prompts enabled, dnp.prf fixed].
Change operator name enabled. [Use Absolut P2k Operator Name Replacer v3.1 to change string]
Removed date from under operator name.
Funlight containing: Nocturne (flash keypad + LCD), Solar, Passion & Sky Blue (flash keypad + LCD).
Increase dialed/received calls lists to 254/254.
Time auto update.
Unlimited video recording.
Battery save enabled.
Press & Hold 1 to Autodial Voice Mail Number
Multi-page SMS Send Confirmation enabled.(greater than 160 characters).
SMTWTFS week format in calendar.
SIM card NOT required for phone access.
Numbers displayed with dashes.
Swap to ring style SILENT when press/hold # key.
Ring Styles > Silent Details .
Allow MSG Edit On Resend. {not fully working**
All Video/Camera features enabled.
Quadband Activated.
Continuous backlight function allowed.
All media files made deletable.
Changed bootscreen to yellow Hellomoto screen with pretty girl.
Startup/shutdown sounds changeable (replace Start~up.mp3/Power~down.mp3), both files visible in sounds.
MP3 hide enabled, Home keys enabled, PTT/Camera buttons remapped to Volume -/+.

Media Viewer 1.0 iPhone Skin
Opera Mini.
Other useful apps.




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User Nuevo (1)

Cantidad de envíos : 8
Edad : 46
Empleo /Ocio : ml
Celular : motorola l6
Pais :
Respeto de las normas del foro :
Fecha de inscripción : 27/09/2014

MensajeTema: Re: [L6] motopilotMP v1.0 beta.   Sáb Sep 27, 2014 7:45 pm

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[L6] motopilotMP v1.0 beta.
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